August 14, 2022
Sports Management Jobs

Sports Management Jobs in Australia

Sport has a significant role in Australian culture. Millions of Australians participate in local teams, volunteer at clubs, and attend game days each year. Additionally, it is a high-growth sector with a varied range of work prospects.

If you are studying sports management and are interested in a job in the sports industry, your future looks bright.

Coaches and fitness instructors are in high demand within the sports and recreation business as a whole. However (and more importantly for graduates of sports administration programmes), there is an increasing demand for sports administrators who operate behind the scenes in management, public relations, social media, and information and communications.

What Types of Jobs Can a Graduate of Sports Management Expect to Find in Australia?

Sports Management is a wide degree that prepares you for a variety of careers.

Graduates can pursue professions in a variety of fields, including public relations, project management, corporate sponsorships, event planning, social media marketing, brand management, and talent recruitment. You might work in community or government-sponsored sports, the media, or big business.

Whichever option you pursue is entirely dependent on the type of employment you want and the market conditions. Check out the recent sports management opportunities available in Australia.

Coordinator of the Teams Program (IRONMAN Oceania)

The IRONMAN events are one of the world’s largest platforms for individual involvement in sports. Within Oceania, eminent mass participation in triathlon, cycling, and running events, such as the legendary City2Surf is specialized.

Required abilities and credentials:

  • Extensive experience cultivating relationships with both existing and prospective clients.
  • Excellent oral and written presentation, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Experience in sales (event sales experience preferable).
  • Negotiation and closing skills are second to none.

Marketing Manager of Golf Australia

You will be responsible for designing, presenting, and implementing marketing strategies for participation programmes such as MyGolf and competitions such as the Australian Open, Women’s Australian Open, Victoria Open, and top national amateur championships.

Required abilities and credentials:

  • A strong understanding of the sports/entertainment landscape and a shown passion for it.
  • Passionate about telling captivating stories in intriguing ways.
  • Capable of setting goals, planning work plans, meeting deadlines, and managing time effectively.

Table Tennis Victoria- Participation and Programs Officer

This position involves overseeing the table tennis Sporting Schools Program in Victoria, playing a proactive role in recruiting further schools to the programme. You will be responsible for coordinating and directing participation projects. This comprises a range of social programmes, entry-level programming, capacity development for clubs, and school activities.

Required abilities and credentials:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management or a closely related field.
  • Time management skills that are well-developed, as well as the capacity to prioritize work.
  • Demonstrated capacity to work independently and on one’s own initiative.

Netball Western Australia- Partnerships Manager

The Partnerships Manager will be responsible for the implementation and servicing of corporate and community partnerships for Netball Western Australia, Glass Jar Australia, and West Coast Fever, as well as building new systems and processes to expedite this duty.

Required abilities and credentials:

  • A bachelor’s degree in a related field of study.
  • Extensive experience in business development and/or sales-related capacity (preferably within the sports industry).
  • Is able to illustrate a track record of success in meeting sales targets/key performance indicators.

Mitchelton Youth Club Inc.- Club Manager

MYC is a non-profit, community-oriented, multi-sport organization in Australia with over 600 active members ranging in age from two to young adults. General administration, human resource management, event organization, funding applications, risk management, and establishing and implementing strategies for sustained growth are all responsibilities of the Club Manager.

Required abilities and credentials:

  • Any pertinent credentials or certificates, such as those in business management or sports administration, will be highly regarded.
  • Competence in human resource management.
  • Effective communication skills both written and verbal.


According to Australian government figures, 14 million Australians participate in the sport each year, and the sector employs 220,000 people, contributing around 3% of GDP. We hope you got a basic idea of the sports management jobs in Australia. Any of these can be the right option for you depending on your abilities.

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